Visiting Plan

It is difficult to underestimate how important it is to talk to your potential supplier and visit their factory before placing order. However, is it really important to fly all the way to Asia and spend money and several days to arrange one visit to your supplier?

Having interviewed 100+ factories, we have a full checklist of what needs to be verified. Along with that, Sourcefaster has developed an efficient solution to get transparency and remote check of your suppliers which guarantees you just the same results as you would be visiting the supplier yourselves.

During the audit the following points are verified:

  • All documentation provided by the factory
  • Areas of activity under the business license
  • Organizational structure
  • Contact information
  • Production infrastructure
  • Transport system
  • Power supply
  • Human resources and key personnel in the factory
  • Manufacturing process

Sourcefaster has got it all covered. Pay the virtual visit to your supplier anywhere in the world and discover the transparency and efficiency of virtual audits. We are sure this technologic solution will become your new unbiased reality of suppliers’ verification practice when YOU are in control.