Let’s explore platforms where to start sourcing in China: Amazon, AliExpress, Sourcing.eco, 1688, DHGate: main advantages and drawbacks.

Series on Sourcing in Asia: embarking my experience - Which platform to choose?

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Hi! My name is James. I live in the Netherlands and dream about establishing my own importing company to start selling like crazy on Amazon, eBay. In the end, that’s what those YouTube advertisements are always promising. Besides, in this covid reality, online sales look like a good way to make money when people no longer go to shops but buy everything online. So why not try it?

But hey, before I can start selling I need to think about.. buying! When you come to a normal shop, see an item, try it, twist it in your hands, quality, appearance all look alright. And you buy it! As easy as it can be! But not in this case. If you want to make a good profit you need to buy amazing products at amazing prices. That is what makes you stand out from the crowd.

I have read quite some books on importing, sourcing and the pitfalls that you can encounter, but those are books, and this is me and my money which in most cases tend to be pretty limited. So we will explore it in a more practical way with real-life examples. Join me on my journey from an amateur to a professional importer to learn from my positive experiences and my mistakes

Firstly where to buy from: I would have to live on Mars not to hear about Alibaba as a starting point for many importers, but is it worth exploring other platforms?

GlobalSources might be a good alternative, but I’ve heard that you need to prove
yourself to suppliers and getting quotations will take forever.

DHgate could be an interesting option for smaller buyers but seems the prices are higher.

AliExpress is also well known, but prices are again high, and looks like there’re many middlemen there.

Oh yeah! 1688.com exists as well. Hmm, I will need to hire a translator as every single word is in Chinese.

There are also nice alternatives that are oriented on conscious buyers like Sourcing.eco which offer ecological suppliers with certificates, pretty cool as they also have those docs verified already.

Ok, we will start our journey with Alibaba, let’s dive in!
In my next video I’ll tell you about embarking on the Alibaba experience - will I find scammers or meet my perfect supplier there and smoothly place the first orders?

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