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Accelerating efficiency of your international business by automation and remote management.

Sourcefaster is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In cooperation with CNAS, IFIA accredited organizations, Sourcefaster brings solutions for simplifying and automating your supply chain management. Our main business is focused on Asia where production hubs are located. Sourcefaster Dutch and Chinese professional, hardworking team has 9+ years experience in supply chain management: Products sourcing in Asia, Business negotiations, Quality control, Verification. We guarantee the most efficient solution for your suppliers sourcing activities. Sourcefaster provides you with a powerful alternative to your traditional products sourcing in Asia, when remote and transparent solutions will allow YOU to be in control when and where you need it.


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Find your supplier fast

Outsource the entire process of Products sourcing in Asia to us. We will run the program that contacts your suppliers automatically and collects dozens of quotations. Don’t spend time on unnecessary robotic work and communication with unsuitable vendors.

Verify your supplier

Conduct a deep financial and administration data investigation of your supplier’s business. SEA and other regions. Be sure of your potential partner and check their business and credit records along with rubric charts. Contact us for more information.

Visit the factory

Conduct a virtual audit of your factory and check every detail of your potential supplier while sitting in your office. Discuss with your supplier directly, visually check all details of the factory. We will be your professional guide during your virtual 360° audit.

Why choose us?

We understand that the sourcing activity takes time and efforts and there is still no guarantee that your selected supplier will bring good results. Having interviewed dozens of importers who do Products sourcing in Asia, we have outlined most important needs in saving costs and time. Recent travel restrictions also bring troubles to importers who are unable to fly and check their suppliers and products themselves.

Thus, the need for quality and fast sourcing increases. What an importer is dreaming about? Finding a reliable factory, having their supplier deliver perfect products on time with no defects. How this can be reached efficiently?
Check these benefits you will get:

Reach out to hundreds of suppliers and collect their quotations in semi-automated way from your favorite platforms.

Verify full documentation and business background of the potential factory with our expert solution.

Check every detail of the factory with your own eyes without any need to travel.






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Get the benefits of your automated Products sourcing in Asia and fast & quality Verification.

Stop spending hours of work on contacting hundreds of suppliers. Give this robotic work to us!

Sourcefaster enables you to complete 10+ projects per day with our semi-automated solution of contacting suppliers, collecting quotations and cooperation conditions. Get quotations, verify documentation, check the factory with your own eyes – what else can you accomplish within one day?

Most efficient solution for Products sourcing in Asia: increase your efficiency and see how Sourcefaster improves your results.

Try a visual tour to the factory and check its facilities with your own eyes.

Sourcefaster enables you to travel to the factory without leaving your office and to get full investigation of your potential partner’s documentation and business premises, technical capacity, resources etc.

Contact us to see all benefits we can bring you with the latest technologies in sourcing and virtual business investigation.

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Finding Plan

  • Get contacts of 5+ suppliers
  • Get detailed quotations
  • Verify business license
  • Check basic documentation
  • Check company specialization &
  • historical data and more
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Visiting Plan

  • Virtual visit to the factory
  • Factory facilities
  • Equipment & production
  • Transportation
  • Company documentation
  • Human resources
  • Certificates and more
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Verification Plan

  • Complete investigation & public data
  • Reliable financial data
  • Shareholders management
  • Business activities
  • Financial information
  • Litigation
  • Credit ranking and more
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Products Sourcing in Asia

Despite corona travel regulations and trade war, Asia and mainly China remain to be the main destination for products sourcing in Asia .

However, especially 2018-2019, due to political and economic reasons, many importers started to look into shifting some or all of their production to Southeast Asia.

Disrupted supply chain and communication with suppliers : In 2021 companies that source products or materials from China are facing difficulties when their supply chain remains disrupted even though many factories are back to normal process. Still, with travel restrictions importing company representatives can no longer travel to establish supplier communications and watch their production while doing products sourcing in Asia . At such times constant contact, doing the basic due diligence to find the right supplier, remote quality control and virtual factory audits become especially important.

Diversifying products sourcing in Asia locations : Large corporations like Nike and Adidas already shifted some of their manufacturing processes from China to Vietnam.

Products sourcing in Asia is becoming more and more synonymic to sourcing outside of China in such countries as Malaysia, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam which are named as “MITI-V” or “Mighty Five”.

Vietnam is arguably the top country as an alternative to sourcing from China. It is sometimes considered as “new China” due to its lower labor costs, young workforce and rapidly growing manufacturing exports. From advantages one can name lower wages (from 135$ to 190$, however realistically the Vietnam salary for a blue-collar worker is around 220$ ), foreign direct investment due to foreign-friendly reforms, country’s geography with fewer natural disasters than its manufacturing neighbors. Importers also name easier integration with their existing supply chains as an advantage, due to Vietnam’s close proximity to China . From disadvantages one can name increasing risk of natural disasters due to climate change, tensed relationship between Vietnam and China while the latter is willing to capitalize on low labor costs and shift production from China during the trade war.

Thailand sourcing also becomes popular with its ease of international shipments. Belt and Road Initiative arguably is supposed to bring more Chinese manufacturers to Thailand, especially from high tech sector. Among disadvantages we can name dependence on China’s raw materials and parts , political instability, relatively high minimum wage (200$ to 230$ per month).

Importers also pay attention to such countries as Indonesia however for specific industries such as raw commodities and agriculture, simple products . Political stability with Joko Widodo as well as low labor costs add to the attractiveness of Indonesia sourcing (from 110$ to 270$ per month). However, one should pay attention to raising natural disasters in SEA and Indonesia is also one of the counties at risk.

India is also commonly cited as an alternative manufacturing location with its large labor force and low costs. Ease of trade is brought by English which is the second-most widely spoken second language. India’s main drawback is its lack of quality infrastructure . The World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index ranks India way below China for its infrastructure quality. Sourcing from India can also be hindered by its large geographic size and relatively decentralized governance system, which can complicate business dealings.

Products Sourcing in Asia definitely remains trending in 2021 and still offers big advantages over sourcing in other destinations. However more and more importers consider sourcing locally which is a positive trend for the local economies and environment. While sourcing from China is still the top choice for importing companies, 2020 showed that diversification of your sourcing strategies can sometimes be a determining factor of your business success or sometimes survival.

Let Sourcefaster be your reliable guide in Suppliers’ Verification and Products Sourcing